/Tracks: Explosions in the Sky: Postcard From 1952

After a two year hiatus, Explosions in the Sky is back with their newly released EP, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. This album features six great tracks including gems like  “Postcards From 1952”  and “Human Qualities.” Take Care, Take Care, Take Care is business as usual for Explosions with songs that feature the same pulsating guitars and dramatic shifts in tone that have established the band as a mainstay in instrumental rock.  What’s great is that Take Care borrows various components from each of their previous five albums creating the sophisticated blend of experimental ambiance that we dig here at the Collective.

When asked why they decided to name the new album Take Care, Take Care Take Care, guitarist Mark Smith explained to Slant Magazine that “We constantly say “take care” to each other, so it just stuck as a phrase that was part of everyday vocabulary for people. We really liked that phrase; it rolled off the tongue really well: Take care, take care, take care.”

Take Care

The Management


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