/Tracks: Los Alguiens – El Internet

Los Alguiens - El Internet

It’s never satisfying to post something after I’ve seen it on College Humor, but this video doesn’t even have 100,000 Youtube views at the time of this posting, and I have a feeling it could explode in the next week or so. Part of what we do here at CC is try to be early … Continue reading

/Tracks: The Stokes–Machu Piccu

Off of the long anticipated 2011 album release, Angles. It took them 5 years and a hibernation period that involved recording and writing songs in a cabin in the woods but it was well worth it, in the end. Especially when we hear songs like, “Machu Piccu.”  

/Amazing: Fifty People One Question

Fifty People One Question is an amazing collaboration I just found out about between a handful of artists and filmmakers who travel around the world asking strangers one random question, and then turning the responses into videos that, imho, make the viewer feel a little as if we really are all in this together.  Fantastic … Continue reading

/Camera: Photo of the Day

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

The Effel Tower, set against a sun setting over Paris, dwarfs the city that built it.

/Tracks: Grits–My Life Be Like

It is rare for us to put up music that strongly represents a religious faith; but here at the Collective, we really dig Grits….and their old school song from way back in 2003, “My Life Be Like.” This is Christian rap at its finest. Fun fact: The name “Grits” is an acronym standing for “Grammatical … Continue reading

/Camera: Timewalker

Here’s a photograph taken by one of our own, here at the Chill Collective. The picture was taken back in January at Grand Central Station, in New York City.

/Laughter: Phantom fan runs onto field and disappears, never to be seen again, possible Jesus sighting

So this is awesome: During the 9th inning of Thursday Night’s Astros vs. Mets game, a fan ran onto the field, successfully escaped security by hopping over the center field fence, evaded security personnel a second time by climbing onto the roof turf platform, and then a third time by climbing onto the upper deck … Continue reading

/Tracks: Knowmads

Here’s a Knowmads freestyle from March 6, 2011: