/Laughter: Phantom fan runs onto field and disappears, never to be seen again, possible Jesus sighting

So this is awesome: During the 9th inning of Thursday Night’s Astros vs. Mets game, a fan ran onto the field, successfully escaped security by hopping over the center field fence, evaded security personnel a second time by climbing onto the roof turf platform, and then a third time by climbing onto the upper deck … Continue reading

Amazing: Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home”

Growing up, Danny MacAskill never crossed the playground’s monkey bars with his hands. He crossed them with his Radio Flyer tricycle. Upside down.

/Amazing: Erik Lundberg Loses It – Downhill Skateboarding

Sick hills, sick speeds, and super-sick helmets.  An insight into the mind of professional shredder/downhill skateboarder Erik Lundberg. To view more 70mph skateboarding goodness, check out Kenny Luby’s page on Vimeo.

/Camera: “Basket” from 1X

Photo community site 1x.com has loads of fantastic stuff.  This is from the user Roman_tik.  Thanks, and great photo, Roman.

Unreal Avalanche Cliff Jump Video

Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude demonstrate how to use the GoPro HD camera in the French Alps.