/Tracks: Elzhi – It Ain’t Hard to Tell

Former Slum Village rapper Elzhi just released his new music video for “It Ain’t Hard to Tell,” a tribute to Nas, and one done incredibly well.  Strong rhymes, good use of old Michael Jackson samples, and some great directing by Michael Castelaz, this song is the early favorite for Cut of the Summer.  Also, with … Continue reading

/Tracks: Los Alguiens – El Internet

Los Alguiens - El Internet

It’s never satisfying to post something after I’ve seen it on College Humor, but this video doesn’t even have 100,000 Youtube views at the time of this posting, and I have a feeling it could explode in the next week or so. Part of what we do here at CC is try to be early … Continue reading

/Amazing: Fifty People One Question

Fifty People One Question is an amazing collaboration I just found out about between a handful of artists and filmmakers who travel around the world asking strangers one random question, and then turning the responses into videos that, imho, make the viewer feel a little as if we really are all in this together.  Fantastic … Continue reading

/Tracks: Knowmads

Here’s a Knowmads freestyle from March 6, 2011:

Amazing: Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home”

Growing up, Danny MacAskill never crossed the playground’s monkey bars with his hands. He crossed them with his Radio Flyer tricycle. Upside down.

Laughter: Steve Kardynal Does Shake Weight

Steve Kardynal showing us how a real workout is done – proper attire and all.

Amazing: Locked in Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex

Though going back to your Vegas hotel room and destroying every piece of glassware you can get your hands on won’t change the fact that you’ve cruised through your allotted budget for the weekend in just the first two hours of your stay, it will at least look cool if captured on a Phantom Flex … Continue reading

/Tracks: Reggie Watts – F_CK SH_T STACK

Reggie Watts spares no words, adjectives, pronouns, and adverbs in his latest amazing video directed by Duncan Skiles & Ben Dickinson of Waverly Films. Don’t be fooled though, Reggie’s musical skills extend well beyond the hilarious compilation of a few four letter words as seen in his Lost in the Options track, courtesy of Jake … Continue reading

/Amazing: Erik Lundberg Loses It – Downhill Skateboarding

Sick hills, sick speeds, and super-sick helmets.  An insight into the mind of professional shredder/downhill skateboarder Erik Lundberg. To view more 70mph skateboarding goodness, check out Kenny Luby’s page on Vimeo.

/Amazing: The Black Hole

Cool short film from Future Shorts: The Black Hole.  Regular dude discovers John Malkovich-esque office supply and gets trapped in steel vault because he’s greedy.  Don’t be greedy.