Why is the site on wordpress.com? 

Because it’s free.  We didn’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but we’re hoping to soon have a reason for expanding beyond wordpress.com

Are you going to have an easy way to share posts I like on Twitter, Facebook and email?

Yes, yes and yes.

Are you going to give me some related articles at the bottom of posts?



No problem.

What are you guys really trying to do here?

We think the Internet is pretty great, but there’s so much clutter it’s sometimes hard to find quality material.  We scour the ‘net and bring to you all the stuff we wish somebody would share with us.  We think most of it’s interesting.  If you think so too, then why don’t you sign up for our weekly goody-filled newsletter.

When can we expect an upgrade in our collective Chill Collective experience?
Our exciting site redesign is scheduled for as soon as we reach 5,000 viewers/month.  You can help us get there by saving us in one of your browser bookmarks.  Did you like something you saw here?  Come back again later and discover more good things.

The Management

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